Cumann na bhFiann is the largest nationwide Irish language youth service. Weekly/fortnightly Irish language youth clubs as well as regional and national events through Irish are its main focus . This gives young people the opportunity to use and improve their spoken Irish outside of the school environment on a social level. Cumann na bhFiann provides opportunities for young people to meet through the medium of Irish and create networks of Irish speaking friends throughout the country.

Some good reasons for attending Cumann na bhFiann

  • Excellent Supervision
  • Clubs organised in a safe environment
  • Wide range of activities
  • A dedicated staff with commitment to our members
  • System of leadership encouraging students to take up responsibilities
  • An opportunity to speak Irish on a regular basis
  • More than 60 clubs around the country
  • The opportunity to maintain friendships that were made on Coláiste na bhFiann summer courses

Cumann na bhFiann Rules

  1. The speaking of English is not permitted at the Club. Should the student speak English on more than three occasions, their membership of the Club will be void.
  2. Each student must attend the Club from start to finish, unless they have a note from a parent to the contrary.
  3. Foul language, bad manners, and any form of bullying will not be tolerated at the Club.
  4. Students are not allowed to have phones switched on during the Club. 
  5. Students are not allowed alcohol or to smoke at the Club.


Feighlithe are often former students, Cinnirí, and Ardchinnirí who work in a part-time capacity with the youth clubs and events for Cumann na bhFiann. They will generally work with the running of the weekly club in their area but may also be involved with the planning and running of regional and national event, and in providing a team for our school tours.

The Feighle Ceannais is the title of the person in charge of the club. All Cinnirí, Ardchinnirí, Múinteoirí and Bainisteoirí who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to apply for Feighlíocht. If anyone else is interested in becoming a Feighle, they can do so by contacting the Head Office. All Feighlithe attend a training course prior to the clubs opening and the most suitable applicants are selected to run the clubs during the year.

All Feighlithe report to the Head Office on a weekly basis and there is a support structure in place for them should they need this at any time.

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